My Pre TDS1 ?? starting my overhaul

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My Pre TDS1 ?? starting my overhaul

Post by MFaulks » Mon 28 Jul , 2008 22:23 pm

Hi all,

This site has really been an inspiration in many ways. I closely read all the TDS1 threads and Dazz’s material is really exemplary from my view, sets an incredible standard for me to try and achieve...

I bought my lathe in 2007 from a machinery dealer, and prior to this I had very little experience with these machines, either in operation or actually turning etc. But having decided I need to start doing my own work (hobby is engine tuning), read up on several types of machine of this size, I decided to set about finding a Viceroy TDS1 series machine. Having little experience at the time I took the best machine I could find at the time, I had a hot project I wanted to get on with, and so made my purchase. I really learnt what to look for having purchased this machine, but certainly don't regret it and has been a journey of discovery, some frustration but also fun. This is an early photo, when I first started to clean it up, having already cluttered it :)

Having looked at all the TDS1 literature and drawings, none to my knowledge show this 4 piece construction - head stock detaches, and separates from the headstock base, bed is separate, and the tail stock end is also supported by a bolted base.

Much of Dazz online “machine rebuild course” material has been a great help in making small improvements here and there, understanding what I need to check, and also setting up the bed straight. Interestingly the tail stock bed fixings had little effect, and after much trialling and near despair I found a method of tensioning the bed and I guess all the bolted joints and interface dovetails that did the trick. I had to trim 30 odd thou in 6 inches, and actually thought this would be difficult… I think I will need to check it frequently, as I guess it will settle over time, summer / winter changes as well, but the work I have turned has been good so I have not gone back and rechecked to fine degree for a while.

I will dig out the serial number and post up, but think it is something like 1043 ish, so I assume that is machine 43? It would be really nice to know.

Thanks for an excellent site.
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Post by Denford Admin » Tue 29 Jul , 2008 13:10 pm

Thanks for your feedback - its not easy for us to "see" who is using the forum and how useful (or not) they find it

Keep us posted :D

By the way - I'll move this into User Stories / Projects

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