ClassFactory cannot supply requested class error

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ClassFactory cannot supply requested class error

Post by Denford Admin » Wed 12 Dec , 2012 14:40 pm

Customer has recently had this error:
ClassFactory cannot supply requested class error
class-factory-error.jpg (11.34 KiB) Viewed 5388 times
If the software has not installed properly then you normally get a Class not registered error.
Previous ClassFactory errors have been fixed with a replacement Baldor top card, however, in this instance the same machine could be run from a different PC so the problem was narrowed down to something on the PC.
It was fixed by installing easyUpgrader from the VR Milling 5 CD, checking that the firmware etc. was up to date (which it was)
Then, UNinstalling and REinstalling VR Milling v5 made the error go away.

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Re: ClassFactory cannot supply requested class error

Post by bradders » Mon 07 Jan , 2013 9:43 am

From Baldor ....

A ClassFactory is to do with COM/ActiveX registration.

Somethings to check

1. Is there anything that could be different about the PC?
2. Was the installation done with Admin rights?
3. Are all the PCs patched to the same level?
4. What is your front end written in? VB6, .net, C# ?
5. Is Workbench installed on these PCs or is it just the ActiveX and MilServer components?
6. What ActiveX version is being used?
7. Does installing Workbench (if possible) fix the issue?

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Re: ClassFactory cannot supply requested class error

Post by Steve » Mon 07 Jan , 2013 10:33 am

I recently resolved an issue with this alarm by first installing easy upgrader of the VR CD.

Then when you run and Click Check my machine it found the baldor card correctly and said all was up to date. (if not then upgrade to the current firmware).

Then using the control panel add and remove programs: Uninstall the VR Milling. Then reinstall from the current CD hopefully this will resolve the issues.

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