Some software questions

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Some software questions

Post by friolator » Thu 21 Mar , 2024 15:01 pm

I purchased a used Microturn and expect it to arrive sometime next week. It's from a surplus house and the seller doesn't know anything about it other than it powers on and turns. There are stacks of printed manuals, and a small box with some parts (belts, tommy bars, etc). The one I bought was built in 2002.

I had originally thought that I'd pull it apart and try to get it going with Mach3 or LinuxCNC, but that will involve buying additional hardware, and I decided to see if I can get it working with the software from Denford first since it may actually be good enough for my purposes. I don't know at this point if the license keys are available, seller wasn't sure if there were any CDs with it - are those keys typically printed, or is it only the file-based key?

My questions:

1) If I don't have the keys, how expensive is the software to get a new license?
2) The manual only talks about Windows 95/98 for the supported OS. Can this run on a more modern version of Windows? Not really very excited about running those versions in our office environment, though I suppose we could airlock it off the internet and our LAN if need be.
3) I didn't see a cable in the photos, to connect to the computer, and the shot they provided of the back of the machine isn't at all clear - what kind of connection is it between PC and Microturn? Is there a pinout available for the cable (or is it just straight-through?)


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Re: Some software questions

Post by Steve » Wed 27 Mar , 2024 8:01 am

The machine RS232 cable will be detIle on the forum.
I would also check the EPROM version you have in the machine. If the EPROM is for DOS the software can be downloaded for free if the EPROM is for VR Turning you would have to purchase software from Denford.
The serial cable for US machines is different to the standard cable.

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