Mitsubishi RV-M1 problem (LED 3 - Emergency Stop)

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Mitsubishi RV-M1 problem (LED 3 - Emergency Stop)

Post by pjk1987 » Mon 07 Mar , 2011 13:42 pm

Hi everyone,

As part of a project I am currently involved in we need to utilise a Mitsubish RV-M1 in conjunction with the Denford virtual reality software.

The current network setup consists of x3 Mitsubishi RV-M1 robots in network to a series of computers. These are connected to one emergency stop button. I am having problems with our Mitsubishi RV-M1 movemaster.

LED 3 keeps coming on indicating a drive unit emergency stop input according to the service manual. The manual further describes two possible causes. 1. The emergency stop switch on the drive unit front panel has been pressed or 2. The drive unit rear panel emergency stop switch is connected incorrectly.

The service manual describes two remedies. 1. Reset the emergency stop switch and 2. Check connection between the rear panel emergency stop terminal and the external switch.

We have checked connections, reset the emergency stop switches and everything seems to be in order but we continue to get this error which does not allow the robot to function it all.

Our next step will be to isolate the one robot and hopefully that should solve any problems we are having due to a simpler network but could someone please offer any advice on how to solve this problem?


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Re: Mitsubishi RV-M1 problem (LED 3 - Emergency Stop)

Post by bradders » Mon 07 Mar , 2011 15:56 pm

1. Turn ON the rear switch on the Emergency Stop Box
2. Ensure the main Emergency Stop button is in its OUT position
3. Turn ON the Host/Cell controller computers
4. Run the "Interlock Manager" and "I/O Manager" programs

On the interface modules (Brown / Gray boxes) with green and red Led's on the front panel you need to get the EMERGENCY STOP Led's illuminated, running the "I/O Manager" programs should do this. This means that the Emergency stop circuit is active and the all the robots should work. Alternatively, on the rear of the Robot control box are 2 wires going to the emergency stop terminals, remove these wires and put a wire link between the two emergency stop terminals, the Robot will now work as a stand alone unit.

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