Fixed row count must be less than row count

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Fixed row count must be less than row count

Post by ozkar29 » Tue 04 Apr , 2006 9:18 am


I have a problem while using Denford Virtual Reality.
When storing the points for the robot (currently working on Robot room 1) If I try to edit the memory in the Robot1 Panel I suddenly get an error:
| Denford Virtual Linker
| Fixed row count must be less than row count

After this happens all my previously stored points are deleted and even if I try to store more points they keep getting deleted...

Any Ideas?


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Post by Mr Magoo » Tue 04 Apr , 2006 12:11 pm

Were you trying to delete some entries in the robot moves table at the time?

The message indicates that the grid on the screen that displays the robot co-ordinates has been reduced below it's a preset minimum (not sure what this minimum is but it will be a fixed value in the VR Robot source code).

Or let me know more about what you were doing when the problem happened.


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Post by ozkar29 » Tue 04 Apr , 2006 14:20 pm

I was progamming a point sequence for the robot.

Every now and then would save the memory to a file (in case what keeps happening happened again :? )

Then I tried to see the memory grid thing (Edit I think it is) and instead of showing me the memory, it gave me the error. Then It shows a completely empty memory in that list thing...

Once the error has been shown, no matter what I do, I always get the error when I try to go into the Edit dialogue and can never actually see the list of points, I mean, I can see it, but it's been emptied!



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Post by Denford Admin » Wed 05 Apr , 2006 22:57 pm

I seem to remember updating the code a while back to help fix sequence table entries going missing - as I remember it was problems with NT (which you'd also get in XP) over windows 95/98

Have you got the latest version ? (see:

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