viceroy tds 1/2

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viceroy tds 1/2

Post by Trevhinch » Mon 27 Mar , 2023 19:43 pm

I have recently purchased a denford viceroy 1/2 A.C.S. I have already repaired the seized bearing on the feedshaft clutch but am now looking for some help.

I have found a few relevant drawings relating to my machine but am unable to find any exploded view drawings or an index to the drawing numbering system.

Also looking for a fixed steady.

All help greatfully received.


Andy B
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Re: viceroy tds 1/2

Post by Andy B » Thu 06 Apr , 2023 7:30 am

Hi Trev,
Welcome to the forum.
There never have been exploded view parts diagrams for Denford machines - everything is based off the assembly drawings like the ones in this thread - viewtopic.php?f=50&t=2986
There are a lot of parts lists here: ... imised.pdf - but no full, easily searchable parts list for each machine variant. (I started do try to do that for the 280 series lathes, but it very quickly gets complicated due to many design changes over the years.
More parts lists here - ... -lists.pdf

Fewer of the assembly drawings have been scanned and posted on here for simply practical reasons - many are damaged, they need a large format scanner and take much longer than whizzing a batch of small drawings through a typical office scanner. But if there are specific ones you're after please post your request and I'll see if I have them.


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