I've been given a Triton Pro

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I've been given a Triton Pro

Post by flatdog » Tue 28 Oct , 2014 4:19 am

I was recently given a Triton Pro that was purchased as part of another shop. The manager of the shop said that we didn't have room for it and asked if I wanted to take it home. So I did!

It appears to be in good shape, and powers up, but I have no way to test it to see if all the axes and the tool changer works. It's also missing any tool holders and the EasyChange collet in the spindle. Other than a bit of surface rust on the top of the bed, it appears to be in good shape.
I know that I can can buy a version of VR5 for it to drive it. I have a CAM package that has a post for Denford already.

My questions are:
Is there any way to test the X,Y, and Z axis, the tool changer, and the spindle before I purchase a copy of VR5? Even a 30 day or limited use copy of something like VR5 or a canned test routine would help.

Second, since there is nothing in the spindle, where do I find a tool holder for it? It looks like an ISO30 up inside of the spindle, but all the EasyChange holders I find online seem to be for use with an R8 spindle. Any links to the right EasyChange would be very helpful.

Overall, this looks like a cool machine for smaller jobs, and teaching my sons how to do some CNC work without cutting them loose on the Bridgeport.
Thanks all!
Ed in Oregon

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