Emergency Stop Alarm (Relay)

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Emergency Stop Alarm (Relay)

Post by GingerNinja54 » Sat 26 Nov , 2022 13:04 pm

Having spent the last few months working away merrily, albeit with a few comms glitches, the Triac has been working fine since you fine fellows assisted me in getting it running!
I come to the machine now and switch it on, but the Emergency Stop alarm is showing.
Opening and closing guard shows/clears the guard open alarm, so I dont believe its linked to that.
All fuses show no resistance.
If i depress the relay button, the machine will fire up.

What could be causing the ESR to not engage of its own accord?? I'm stumped!!

Toolmaker & milling specialist by day...
...bumbling idiot & 'Home-Engineer by weekend & night!

Responses, support and advice is appreciated

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Re: Emergency Stop Alarm (Relay)

Post by DavidB » Sat 26 Nov , 2022 18:04 pm

Have you checked the relay coil is OK, after that if you look at the wiring diagram for the ESR power it should give some hints of how to isolate the fault. The axis override switch if it gets it going would indicate a problem in the limit switches or their wiring, then there's motor thermal, drive fault, and E-stop switch. The wiring diagrams are well labelled and the connections inside the control box well marked so you should be able the check for continuity on those items and isolate the fault.

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Re: Emergency Stop Alarm (Relay)

Post by Steve » Thu 01 Dec , 2022 16:33 pm

Can you leyt us know the model of Triac you have so we can check the wiring diagrams to see what is in the E-STOP circuit.

Have you tried pressing and releasing the E-stop button?

Have you got Air on the machine if so is the pressure OK?

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Re: Emergency Stop Alarm (Relay)

Post by Martin » Thu 01 Dec , 2022 20:59 pm

I think the Axis Limit Override Switch is a good point to start.

If it is sat on a limit switch then you can press & hold it in until you have homed all the axis.

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