another conversion question

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Hardware/Software: I have an old Gerber system 48 converted to use modern electronics, & UCCNC software control, Design is using Vectric Aspire

I have just acquired an old Denford Triac pc which came with the black control box & desktop tutor but no computer. The idea is to use this CNC mainly for rotary work as the system 48 would require some major surgery to allow any sort of 4th axis.

Would like to join the forum to learn more so I can actually get this machine up & running, initially just to test it works but after that looking at what options there are to use as a rotary machine

another conversion question

Post by martin.pearson » Mon 29 Oct , 2018 14:46 pm

I'e read a number of threads on converting these machines to use other control software, some involve a complete new hardware set up & some use the old black control box but most of them seem to be quite dated. Is there a definitive guide I have missed?

I have just acquired a triac pc & all that is missing is the computer, I have tried setting up with another computer but seem to be having problems with communication, hopefully be able to sort that with the forums help but I would like to change the control software anyway. I am a mechanical engineer by trade so the electronic/computer side of things is not my strong point.

I have an old Gerber system 48 which I completely stripped the control electrics from & replaced with Modern drivers but I would like to try & keep the black control box for the Denford to keep costs down & so I don't have to build another control box.
I would like to use the same control software & motion control board as I have done on the Gerber which is a UC400ETH controller & UCCNC software. The motion controller has 2 ribbon cable outputs & the manual gives the pin outs for them so my (probably very silly) question is: Knowing the pin out from the UC400 & knowing the pin out for the eurocard com connection can I make up a lead to connect the UC400 directly to the eurocard control board or do I need to remove the eurocard board & make up a lead to connect to the 96 pin connector in the black box?

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