G33 help

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G33 help

Post by Dangle_kt » Sat 16 Dec , 2017 16:34 pm

Hi, I am trying to thread externally on my little denford

G33 is the correct g code and it give me 4 parameters

Z -amount of thread to turn
P -pitch of thread being turned
c -number of cuts to take to reach the correct size

I have tried a few times and each time the passes start off close and get further away from the stock, as if it's trying to do an ID thread.

Any ideas how I manipulate the parameters to run smaller in x rather than bigger?

I have tried changing x to a negitive value and it didn't seem to work.

Any assistance would be very welcome


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Re: G33 help

Post by TDIPower » Tue 19 Dec , 2017 0:22 am

I only have the original lathecam software and the later/current software from denford (which generates theading code not liked by the ST5) if you post up the specs of the bar dia and thread you want i'll put it on the lathe cam software and do the code, that way you should be able to work out where it's going wrong.


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