Z-axis height

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Z-axis height

Post by callumsnowden » Tue 23 Mar , 2021 17:48 pm

Hi all,

We're trying to machine a flat aluminium plate on the bed of our Router 2600 Pro, and we've run into the limitation that the travel of the Z-axis is not enough to get the tool to reach the workpiece, as seen in the attached image.
IMG_20210323_161649259.jpg (575.69 KiB) Viewed 878 times
There is adjustment for the spindle position on the Z-axis carriage but nowhere (that I can see) does the manual mention moving the spindle down a bolt or two - only notes about it being moved with an ATC fitted.

Is it valid to move the spindle down a bolt or two so that we can reach the workpiece without the tool sticking out too far? If so, do any machine settings in software need to be changed?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Z-axis height

Post by TDIPower » Tue 23 Mar , 2021 19:33 pm

I would say yes, with the older microrouters fitted with the portercable motor it was set up so you could and I have moved them up and down as required depending on the material and cutter length.

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Re: Z-axis height

Post by Martin » Wed 24 Mar , 2021 21:20 pm

It has been designed to allow the user to lower the tool or lift it depending on jobs. The only thing you will need to reset is the workpiece offset.

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