Novaturn w/ turret

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Novaturn w/ turret

Post by Benny » Thu 09 Apr , 2009 21:42 pm

Customer writes in ......
I have had some trouble with the turret on one of our Novaturn NS lathes.

The serial number is U00617/2
Electronics serial number is U0507050076
Software is version
Despatch date is August 2006

The turret is stuck in tool position number 7. I disassembled the turret and found that slowly turning the worm gear turns the turret. On reassembly The turret is still stuck but I noticed that the motor that turns the turret sounds like it is turning, when you attempt to change tool position the sound gets louder. It sounds like the motor is turning but the gear box output shaft is not.

I switched the turret with another from a like machine and the problem follows the turret.

Any ideas as to what I need to do next? I am at a loss.

Does the turret need to be replaced and if so what is cost?

Does the motor (with gear box) need to be replaced and if so what is cost?

It would be nice to have electrical drawings for the lathe so that I can check the power to the motor. Could you post on forum?

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Post by Steve » Tue 14 Apr , 2009 8:49 am

The Motor may be OK. or the gear on the end may have stripped.

There are 2 parts and they can be purchased seperatley.

The motor leads have to be soldered.

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Re: Novaturn w/ turret

Post by Weeden007 » Fri 28 Oct , 2011 17:35 pm

Hi, just had the same symtums. took it apart to work out if it was the motor or gear that was defective and found the gearbox was just jamed / tight, i operated it with a large flat srewdriver and its now all ok :D

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Re: Novaturn w/ turret

Post by Denford Admin » Wed 02 Nov , 2011 9:51 am

You're lucky - the 1st gear driven from the motor in those gearboxes is nylon (or similar) and is always the 1st thing to strip when something goes wrong

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