VR Milling losing connection to machine

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VR Milling losing connection to machine

Post by jackmunro » Mon 21 Oct , 2013 14:12 pm


We have a Denford Vertical Router and are having issues with the connection breaking down between the machine and the laptop. Everything connects fine and the cut begins fine, but at some point it almost always cuts out showing 'Unrecognised error 1227'. It then shows 'Invalid data field length for transaction' if you try to click anywhere.

On the first cut of the day it tends to get a few minutes into the cut before cutting out. If we restart it, it then cuts out before the cut even begins on the next try.

Any ideas what this could be?



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Re: VR Milling losing connection to machine

Post by Martin » Mon 21 Oct , 2013 17:51 pm

A couple of thoughts,

Check all the USB plugs are fully in.

The spindle motor may be causing electrical noise. Check the brushes.

If you have a extraction unit connected it may be causing static due to bad earth. Try running without the extraction on.

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