Microrouter Compact error: parameters beyond limits

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Microrouter Compact error: parameters beyond limits

Post by Benny » Thu 01 Mar , 2007 18:43 pm

Customer writes in ...

Description of problem: When creating F1 car the first side mills fine and then when we get to code for mirroring or we are ready to mill the other side the machine freezes & presents machine error: parameters beyond limits

Can cut right hand side
Freezes machine error: beyond limits

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Post by Steve » Fri 02 Mar , 2007 9:06 am

If the machine is saying there is a move out of the machine limits this is what the problem is.

Is the fixture located in the center of the bed?

Is the datum position the centre of the car in the Y axis?

Are you using the same datum for both sides of the car?

Have you mirrored the correct axis?

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Post by Denford Admin » Fri 02 Mar , 2007 17:05 pm

Steves questions are all valid, and need thinking about...

If you have set the front corner of the car as your datum, then Mirroring in Y will require you to shift the Y datum to the back corner of the car, etc..

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