Homing switches

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Homing switches

Post by beewolf » Mon 28 Sep , 2015 14:26 pm

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I am in the process of converting my 2004 microrouter compact to run off linuxCNC and mach3 (I am trying both at the moment to see which I prefer).

So far I have successfully managed to get control on all 3 axes by tapping in to the 96 way header from a BOB board as detailed on this forum.

My drive card is a Baldor f391 rev 1 and it also has inputs from microswitches to allow for homing. These switches are fitted to the machine and work but seem to have no effect on travel of the machine. Is there a way I can set these up to allow for repeatable homing?

Also, does anyone have suggestions for the stepper timings to put in the software, it works OK using the defaults but I would like to make sure I am using the best settings.

Many thanks in advance


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