Microrouter Compact

All info relating to the Denford MicroRouter Compact small routing machines

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Microrouter Compact

Post by Benny » Fri 01 May , 2009 12:43 pm

Customer writes in.....MicroRouter Compact troubles

At initial connect with the mill, the control panel comes up and the XYZ Home button appears. The Letters “XYZ” are outlined Red. This was his first concern.

Second, when he tried to Home the Z-axis, the spindle comes straight down and drives into the board which is inside the mill. Same thing happens when he presses the XYZ Home button.

He was afraid to do the homing for the X-axis and Y-axis concerned it may tear up his board even more.

Are you aware of any fixes for these problems?

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Post by Martin » Fri 01 May , 2009 17:27 pm

Have they got the correct machine selected?

If it moves the wrong way they can stop it by pressing the escape key on the computer keyboard.

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