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Easimill 3

Posted: Fri 27 Jan , 2023 21:40 pm
by mtrehy

Is there a manual for Easimill 3 available to download?

I'm looking at buying one of these but seems to be limited info about how they perform online and I want to check whether they can be used in manual and cnc mode. I.e can the x,y and quill be used by hand or only via the motors? Will it be capable of high speed strategies in cnc mode - i.e how would it compare with a vmc1300?

Basically I currently have a VMC1300 and a bridgeport mill. I don't need the 42" travel of the Bridgeport and I don't use the VMC 1300 that often. I could do with freeing up some space so I'm wondering whether I can get rid of the VMC1300 and replace with the Easimill to do both jobs.......