Cyclone spindle encoder

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Cyclone spindle encoder

Post by mike2424 » Wed 25 Mar , 2020 13:48 pm

Hello all

Just looking for some info here on the spindle encoder. First off I had a guy repair the Mint 3.28 board which had corrosion due to the battery. Now I don't know if this has anything to with it but I have no RPM reading on the screen display. I believe its working as the spindle speeds up and slows down with different speeds imputed . The override is working, just plain old 0 RPM on the screen . Any ideas on what I need to check ? Thank you for any ideas here. Mike

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Re: Cyclone spindle encoder

Post by SimonRafferty » Wed 04 Nov , 2020 15:46 pm

The spindle has an encoder on the motor, connected to the spindle drive which allows it to regulate the speed, corresponding to the 0-10V Analogue input.
There is a second encoder (belt driven from the spindle itself) which the controller reads to display the current RPM. It may also be using this to regulate the 0-10V fed to the drive?

If your spindle is running up & down OK, but displaying 0RPM, check the connections to the spindle encoder.

The pinouts are on here somewhere. You can check that the A, B & Index lines pulse as you manually rotate the spindle using a meter or even just an LED between the pin & GND.

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Re: Cyclone spindle encoder

Post by Martin » Fri 06 Nov , 2020 13:51 pm

It does sound like you have a faulty encoder.

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