Cyclone OTA - Electrical Drawings

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Cyclone OTA - Electrical Drawings

Post by tomf » Thu 13 Aug , 2015 18:41 pm


I was hoping it would be possible for someone to point me in the direction of drawings and parameters for a Cyclone which I have recently taken delivery of.

It is a September 1996 machine and the serial number on the side is: 60703B/2. It the FANUC OT-A control system with SEM motors and NORWIN 1620 servo drives.

The machine is currently wired for a 415 3 phase power supply. I am trying to ascertain if I can modify the wiring of this machine to run it on single phase 240v. Looking around the electrical cabinet of the machine and some electrical drawings which have been posted on the forum, it looks like the only components running on 3 phase are the inverter for the spindle motor, the suds pump and the tool changer motor.

The servo drives have 78V single phase supply and the FANUC control also looks like it is also single phase.

I was hoping it would be possible to get the schematics for this particular machine and a parameter list ? Happy to pay for this.

Thanks :D

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Re: Cyclone OTA - Electrical Drawings

Post by Martin » Thu 11 Jan , 2018 12:27 pm

Cyclone OTA Electrical Drawings
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