Cyclone Fanuc Diagnostic option bit settings

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Cyclone Fanuc Diagnostic option bit settings

Post by Denford Admin » Tue 29 Jun , 2010 9:47 am

Diagnostic settings for Fanuc OT-A/B/C controls
450.0 Pratt type chuck fitted(3 sec air blast)
.1 Leader blind chuck fitted(constant air)
.2 Double foot switch fitted
.3 Single foot switch fitted
.4 Swarf conveyor fitted
.5 Powered quill fitted
.6 2nd coolant pump fitted "B" control[Zeroturn]
.7 Aux 1 used for FMS
451.0 Baruffaldi RH80 fitted
.1 0=6st, 1=8st
.2 Auto door fitted
.3 Handwheel interupt
.4 Machine uses external stop
.5 Collet chuck fitted
.6 Spindle indexing is by M19 to M24
.7 Air pressure switch fitted
452.0 Lube float switch override
.1 Door switch override
.2 Door switch is feed hold only
.3 Program protect key switch override
.4 Data input is by MINP (special DNC function)
.5 Lube float switch is open when empty
.6 Input 2 is used to open the chuck (FMS)
.7 X axis must reference before Z
453.0 Diagnostic setup marker
.1 Internal gripping
.2 Drive transformer thermal override
.3 Chuck uses "chuck is open" & "chuck is closed" input
.4 Tool select switch starts at binary 0
.5 Open macro window to PLC
.6 External stop input is open when active
.7 Auxiliary outputs off with "CYCLE STOP"
454.0 Door override pushbutton enable
.1 Door never gives alarm in auto
455.0 Direct input offset "B" active (probing)
.1 Chucking enable push button used (blank button) ["A"CONTROL -spindle motor thermal not fitted]
.2 Probe cover switch fitted ["A"CONTROL-X motor thermal not fitted]
.3 Index only at home with probe fitted "A"CONTROL-Z motor thermal not fitted]
.4 Door override is not latching (key switch fitted)
.5 Door override does not work in auto mode
.6 Chucking sensors normally open
.7 Chucking sensors issue an alarm
456.0 "A" CONTROL-Sauter toolpost fitted
.1 Auto toolpost fitted (any type) "B,C" controls
.2 Parts catcher is interlocked with door
.3 External stop=NC reset
.4 Hydraulic "A"-not fitted ["A"CONTROL-Toe 80 fitted]
.5 Hydraulic "B"-not fitted
.6 Beacon on
.7 M06 not required
457.0 Chuck open while running
.1 Duplomatic BSV 120 toolpost fitted "B,C" control (Senior)
.2 Duplomatic BD80 toolpost fitted "B,C" control (Senior)
.3 TOE 80 fitted “B,C” control
.4 Zero machine override
.5 Duplomatic BSV100 live tooling fitted "C "control (Senior) [“A “CONTROL spindle drive fault o/ride]
.6 New parts catcher fitted "C" control (Senior) [“A”CONTROL inp2 block delete TU150-P]
.7 Manual spindle lock "C" control (Senior) ["A"CONTROL Door alarm override]
458.0 Door alarm o/ride “C” control (cyclone) [“C”CONTROL senior,spindle shot pin]
.1 Hydraulic chuck fitted "C" Control(Cyclone)

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