ACID Dip to PCB Engraved boards

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ACID Dip to PCB Engraved boards

Post by jhoffman » Thu 15 Oct , 2009 15:05 pm

My customer has been doing acid based dipped boards and just bought the PCB Engraver. He has his boards in Publisher and can save them as BMP or JPG. Does anyone have an idea how to convert them to be able to make them on the PCB Engraver? :3D:
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Re: ACID Dip to PCB Engraved boards

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 15 Oct , 2009 15:27 pm

Can he save them as a vector format like .dxf or .eps ? Are they created as images in the 1st place, or vectors (lines) ?
The results aren't going to be great from a bitmap (raster) image... either way he would need QuickCAM 2D which I believe is shipped with the PCB machines.
From QuickCAM 2D, he will either be able to create contour lines around an image, or import a .dxf, .dwg or .eps file. From there, a CNC gcode (.fnc) file can be created around the tracks and loaded directly into the PCB Engraver software.

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