VR Milling v6.7 released 19th January 2023

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VR Milling v6.7 released 19th January 2023

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 19 Jan , 2023 11:46 am

VR Milling v6.7 released 19th January 2023

Check here to download the latest version of all software:

//19th January 2023.
Improvement to how the Micromill handles the EStop button. The EStop always worked and now VR Milling will report it quicker.
Previously if home was pressed while EStop was on, then VR Milling would briefly attempt to home before showing the EStop error message. The Error message now appears immediately, just like Verion 5.
If there is a new version of the Trio code needing to be updated, then there will now be an information message announcing this, and another information message to say that the update is complete.
Addition of configuration for VMC Pro to control the spindle speed and steps per unit.

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