Easimill PNC3 electrics

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Easimill PNC3 electrics

Post by Martin » Mon 29 Mar , 2010 10:35 am

Easimill PNC3 electrical
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Re: Easimill PNC3 electrics

Post by alanhende » Fri 09 Apr , 2010 14:22 pm

Hi Martin,
I am an expert on all the early Denford controllers (Easimill,Easilathe & Triacs) as I worked for many years for the original manufacturer North East Electronics.
The 12 volts is used to power the CRT driver card & normally goes when the VDU card dies. To prove this, Unplug the white 4 pin plug on the power card (the one which goes off to connect to the VDU card behind the tube). If the 12 volt LED comes back on then the VDU card is damaged. If it stays off then the voltage regulation on the power card is damaged. This could be due to a number of failed components but the most likely will be one of the 2 transistors on the front of the card which are bolted to the chassis.

In any eventuality, I have service exchange, Power cards & video drive cards if needed.

Hope this helps..


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