TDS1 (1965 ish) Gear Box disassemble

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TDS1 (1965 ish) Gear Box disassemble

Post by chatterbox » Fri 09 Oct , 2020 8:40 am

Hi, Does anyone know the correct procedure to disassemble the gear box. I have removed the front and the bottom 2 shafts, but the middle and top shaft are proving difficult. How do they come apart? Some gears and bronze bushes are worn, so need to replace these... I might make the bushes, but am open to buying these and the gears if anyone has anything? thanks (I am in Australia)

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Re: TDS1 (1965 ish) Gear Box disassemble

Post by jamesmsith » Thu 09 Dec , 2021 16:16 pm

This is the whole process of Gear Box Disassemble----Step by Step Guide

1. Drive the vehicle onto a ramp and raise the ramp.
2. Remove the exhaust intermediate pipes, silencer and tail pipes.
3. Remove the propeller shaft 47.15.01.
4. Using tool RG421 to retain the drive flange, unscrew and remove the nut and washer.
5. Remove the drive flange.
6. Unscrew and remove the peg bolt and washer.
7. Withdraw the speedometer drive cable and pinion assembly.
8. Using a ramp jack, support the gearbox and remove the rear mounting platform attachment bolts and nuts.
9. Remove the two mounting bolts and nuts. Swing the steady strap forward and clear of the rear extension.
10. Raise the gearbox and remove the mounting. Lower the gearbox.
11. Place a drip tray under the gearbox.
12. Unscrew and remove the bolts.
13. Withdraw the extension housing, thrust washer and gasket.

I hope this step by step gear box disassemble guide helps you.

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