Viceroy TDS grinder 7/D/E/G restoration

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Viceroy TDS grinder 7/D/E/G restoration

Post by robinspa » Wed 24 Feb , 2021 18:47 pm

Hi All,

Recently picked up a used Viceroy TDS 7 grinder for full restoration and thought I would share the experience. The grinder was in decent working order, cosmetically needed work obviously but effectively all there. It arrived as a 415V 3 phase machine (presumably form new) with a little 750kw motor installed. This grinder was for personal use in the home workshop so I intended to convert to single phase.

I installed a 1HP single phase motor with some simple mods to the existing motor base plate. There wasn't a huge amount of room but it fit. I could have moved the upper spindle pulley further along if I needed more room so that's an option depending on what motor you have. The old switchgear was no good so that was replaced with a simple latching on/off switch. The original motor was 1400rpm so match that with my new motor and refused the original pulleys.

The rebuild was vert straight forward, very few parts to this simple design. I took everything back to bare metal, found the main body in great shape, filled a few holes and etch primed ready for paint. I use a high quality enamel paint from 'paragon paints' this particular colour is Bridgeport green. Some left over from a Bridgeport mill I restored previously and now my go-to colour.

The locking handles for the tool rests were in bad shape so I made some new ones. The spindle bearings were in poor condition so I changed those for some modern sealed bearings.

A nice easy rebuild and test and its now ready to go back to work for many years to come.

Enjoyable rebuild, very good quality machine.

Any questions give me a shout.
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Re: Viceroy TDS grinder 7/D/E/G restoration

Post by Steve » Wed 24 Feb , 2021 21:29 pm

Great Restoration thanks for sharing. .

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