Sprint 1200

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Sprint 1200

Post by SonnyV8 » Thu 26 Dec , 2013 16:45 pm

Hello i have a triac vmc with a burnt sprint 1200 board.
Im going to upgrade the machine with new drivers and mach 3 but first i want to make it work.
My question is do i by a new Sprint 1200 or is there a cheper/Better driver board to buy.
From what i understand its not a stepdrive.
Any sugestions?
Sorry for any bad spelling im from sweden.

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Re: Sprint 1200

Post by rasp » Sat 18 Jan , 2014 9:46 am

I ended up putting a new sprint 1200 in my machine, the sprint burned out because the tacho generator on the end of the spindle motor was shorting out I ended up replacing the tacho, the magnets and case on the motor and the sprint 1200.

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