NEE PNC 2c CNC control

If you've had enough of reading, then look at these pictures of the "good" old days. Machine brochures, magazines etc..

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NEE PNC 2c CNC control

Post by Denford Admin » Thu 24 Aug , 2006 22:02 pm

I bet they never thought we'd still be talking about tape cassettes in 2006 :!:


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Post by steve-m » Sat 21 Oct , 2006 17:13 pm

I used to program with them, we had an engraving machine that was used for making small parts and heat embosing plates.

I used to work at Kshoes in Kendal in the jig and die department.

Can't remember the machine though, began with N, maybe newhall or something like that. We had 2 boxes so I didn't have to stand at the machine for a day or so programing it, we then used 2 tapes to record the program as they sometimes failed.
We used dictaphone tapes, seen in another thread that people are having trouble with dictaphone tapes.


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