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Quickcam 3d

Posted: Wed 09 May , 2007 19:31 pm
by Rich
A question about the depth of cut in quickcam 3d. I made an stl file in prodesktop the max depth of the contour is 1.5 mm I set the depth of cut in quick cam to be 1mm but when the nc file was generated it cut the 1.5mm depth in one pass? I wondered what i might be getting wrong?
Thanks for any help.

Posted: Thu 10 May , 2007 9:21 am
by Denford Admin
In the latest version of QuickCAM 3d (v3) and QuickCAM Pro, the total depth of cut is determined within each machining plan in the Machining Boundary setting for Z
Machining boundaries allow you can create toolpaths confined within a 3D region of the model.
The Step down amount on some plans is there to cut down the material in set depths so as not to cut deeper than the flute length will allow.

The Cut Depth wizard page is where you set the absolute maximum depth of any cuts (effectively ignoring any parts of the model below this point)

Make sure you have the latest versions as they are much improved from the early versions ... -downloads

Posted: Thu 10 May , 2007 12:50 pm
by Rich
I tried downloading qc v3 and followed the instructions about the ini file but on startup the application says no license key?

Posted: Thu 10 May , 2007 13:14 pm
by Denford Admin
Just tried it myself here, and it won't work with the old Flash code either.

Seems like something has changed, and its ignoring the old flash code.

Send your details, name, establishment, address etc.. to
technical [at] denford [dot] co [.] uk and we'll send a new style flash code

Posted: Thu 10 May , 2007 19:28 pm
by Rich
O.K We will do that, we also have a program, quickCAMmilling (not 'designer') can you tell me if an upgrade is avalable for that program?
Thanks for the help.

Posted: Thu 10 May , 2007 22:31 pm
by Denford Admin
quickcam 2d design is the replacement for quickcam milling.
I will have to ask about the upgrade cost (if there is one) and let you know.

Posted: Fri 11 May , 2007 19:21 pm
by Rich
thanks for the licence key app works ok now. The only thing (unless I'm missing something) is v3.6 dose'nt appear to let you set a seperate feed for plunging?

Posted: Mon 14 May , 2007 9:23 am
by Denford Admin
Ahh yes I'd forgotton about that in the old version (it is a few years now since I used it)
It used to run the first full pass at a lower feedrate didn't it ?

I suspect its now gone because the code is basically a restricted version of QuickCAM Pro which has extra different styles of toolpath, where this feature just wouldn't work.