Lathecam question

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Lathecam question

Post by Rich » Sat 14 Apr , 2007 17:19 pm

I am using lathecam designer with a fixed toolpost novaturn machine (1999) I would like to turn a small chess piece, say a pawn

(I used to have a tutorial years ago in an old fanuc fapt manual)

lathecam dosen't seem to want to let me draw the profile. any help or suggestions gratefully received!

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Post by Denford Admin » Mon 16 Apr , 2007 9:58 am


LatheCAM is quite limited in what it will let you draw (as you have probably found out). It limits the size of the next feature, in order to avoid back cutting which it isn't capable of.

My suggestions are:
Try create the toolpath yourself in G-codes - you could use LatheCAM to remove most of the material, then add to the CNC program to create the desired shape.
Get hold of a more advanced CAM system :?:
Wait for our new product which is being developed at the moment - this will make designing and machining chess pieces a breeze !

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