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Fusion 360

Posted: Sat 28 Jul , 2018 16:34 pm
by bpmsl
Hi Folks,
Given how widespread Fusion 360 is becoming in the student / hobby / startup space due to its free licences I thought it'd be good to have some where to chat on here.

The Denford milling posts can be downloaded by searching for denford here:-

Unfortunately there isn't a turning post that I can locate. I am working on a FANUC based post from Nottingham hack space but having issues with getting threading working:-

I think this might be the culmination of viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5534

If anyone has any experience with this please join in the conversation...


Re: Fusion 360

Posted: Sun 29 Jul , 2018 19:14 pm
by TDIPower
Lots of thoughts on this and issues I have faced with both lathecam designer and quickturn 2d.
I've experienced a lot of problems with both programs over speeds and feeds, trying to take cuts so large it stalls the chuck through to ignoring tooling data and trying to part bar to large dia resulting in collision.
Threading command on older machines not being the same on newer but newer software not giving the option for which type to use.
As I have both lathecam and quick turn versions I can produce files from both for comparison.

I'm currently running a starturn 5 on dos but hope to convert it to run on vr by changing the control to that on a novaturn. I use fusion a lot a t work so would love to help getting a post processor set up for it.


Re: Fusion 360

Posted: Tue 18 Sep , 2018 22:57 pm
by jeremydraper
I have done some good milling using this fusion 360 software on my denford triac,
The post processor has only one quirk where it sends the vrmilling virtual machine table off the screen, but delete 1 line and its all good.
This is so far the easiest software outside of vr milling and quick cam pro to use and to communicate with my denford.

Re: Fusion 360

Posted: Mon 17 Jun , 2019 18:43 pm
by MadeForThat
Im afraid you are going to have to excuse my ignorance, but maybe this will help other noobies(like myself) that would love to generate tool paths inside F360. As I understand, this post processor will allow F360 to generate a machine specific, string of gcode. My question would be this: so long as the tool is configured correctly in F360, and the origin is set to the point you wish to touch off on the part, then what does this post processor actually do for us? It seems to me that when you are setting up a tool, you will have an opportunity to tweak every variable of how the machine will move the tool. Again, total novice, trying to figure where this fits into our shop information flow


Re: Fusion 360

Posted: Mon 17 Jun , 2019 21:38 pm
by TDIPower
The post processor takes all the info you set up and the drawing info and then works out the paths to take and as you say generates the list of G code for the machine to interpret and follow. This is where it gets harder, not all machines will behave or follow some G codes, some need specific lead in information or lead out information, so the post processor needs to use the correct codes for the machine.

An example of this is My lathe, it will not work with some codes when it comes to things like cutting threads. In the lists of G Codes you can see there are different ways of achieving the same task, I'm sure in the old Denford manuals that came with the machines they included a list of the codes the machines used.


Re: Fusion 360

Posted: Fri 23 Aug , 2019 13:24 pm
by theoldbamboo
This may be of some help when using fusion360 with a turn270.
we had problems getting the drill command to work with the hackspace version.

We found this Post Processor ... vaturn.cps
this post seemed much closer to working on the Turn270. All we did was remove the G54 commands.

So now we can drill, bore and lathe from fusion360 without any weird workarounds.
Anyway, may be of use to someone struggling with the same- although as usual we cant guarantee it will works in all configs but seems good so far for us.
and may be a good starting point
Hope this helps.