Desk-top Tutor Keyboard RS232 Protocol

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Desk-top Tutor Keyboard RS232 Protocol

Post by dpslwk » Mon 27 Jan , 2020 19:05 pm

It looks like VR Turning still support an RS232 tutor input

Does any one know just what the tutor sends over the RS232?

Thinking about building a custom keyboard/MPG with something like an Arduino to send out the correct code over a comport to push into VR Turning

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Re: Desk-top Tutor Keyboard RS232 Protocol

Post by MadeForThat » Sat 11 Apr , 2020 8:12 am

Did you have much luck with this? An mpg would be pretty sweet haha

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Re: Desk-top Tutor Keyboard RS232 Protocol

Post by TDIPower » Sat 11 Apr , 2020 17:38 pm

I have a tutor keyboard for the Mill, I use it on my lathe. It is one of the early ones that has the stuck on overlay (later ones you just slid out the key layout for lathe and put the mill one and vise versa) I just looked in the book and worked out what key should be what.

If you tell me how to test it I can. I have PC's running XP with RS232 ports so can hook it up. I never went this far into RS232 to actually see what was actually sent so don't know how to see that.


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