Digiplan sd3 replacements

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Digiplan sd3 replacements

Post by PDodds » Mon 25 Nov , 2019 13:32 pm

I have had both SD/3 drives go down on my mach3 Orac.
I had one replacement, which is now working on the z axis.
I was wondering if anyone had a wiring diagram for converting from the sd/3 drives to a modern, more available stepper driver, as it seems difficult to locate replacement digiplan drivers now.
I've worked out the 24v, and the step/direction connections, and could probably determine the stepper could easily enough, but there are 4 black wires on the sd/3 which come from an AC transformer. Would these be needed?
Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Digiplan sd3 replacements

Post by MadeForThat » Tue 26 Nov , 2019 16:27 pm

If you are on Mach 3, you must have a break out board between the drivers and your computer. Find out what that outputs, as well as what power requirements the motors have. You may need to make a large power supply for delivering a lot of clean DC to your steppers (well to your drivers to give to steppers), if you do not have one already in your control cabinet. I dont have any idea what is contained in the digiplan sd3 drivers, but I would bet they are just a driver and a power supply wrapped up inside a plastic box. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the drivers in your machine probably accept a few inputs for step /dir / dgnd and then a few wires from your AC supply.

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