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Microrouter spindle controller

Posted: Mon 30 Sep , 2019 8:26 am
by Tay100
I have a Denford Microrouter and i am looking to change the Porter cable spindle for a water cooled spindle. Having looked at the electronics i see that the speed control is done via a KB electronics KBIC board, is that correct? I see 6 wires connected to the board and it looks to me like 240v in to the board, 240v out of the board and then 2 smaller wires. Am i right in assuming these these are for 0-10v reference to set the speed ?
I understand that i wont be able to use this board for a water cooled spindle and will have to replace it with a VFD, i just wanted to see if my understanding of what is in there already is correct ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Microrouter spindle controller

Posted: Mon 30 Sep , 2019 18:10 pm
by TDIPower
I might be wrong but I thought the speed controllers were Sprint units, it is 240v in and 0-10v for 0-full speed control. If I remember correctly the 0-10v MUST be isolated as there is something about 240v floating on the board. I might be wrong but I think the output is DC.

If you have a look at this thread I posted many moons ago it has info on the Sprint speed controller viewtopic.php?f=46&t=4778


Re: Microrouter spindle controller

Posted: Mon 30 Sep , 2019 19:58 pm
by Tay100
Thanks for the reply but i have just had a look at some pictures of the Sprint boards and thats not what is fitted to my microrouter.
Im somewhat confused, the KBIC 225D board is a PWM for DC motors from what i read but the router is fitted with an AC porter cable motor. The board looks like it is modified quite a bit from the standard layout that is in the KB support documentation.

Re: Microrouter spindle controller

Posted: Tue 01 Oct , 2019 10:31 am
by Martin
The earlier Micorouters were fitted with Sprint 1200 spindle drives which we then changed around 2002 to a KB Electronics KBLC 240DS Drive.

Both units are DC drives.

The Porter Cable we fitted would work with either an AC or DC supply.

Re: Microrouter spindle controller

Posted: Wed 02 Oct , 2019 14:20 pm
by Steve
As Martin says the Porter Cable Motor is a universal motor and can be run from AC or DC.