CNC electronics textbooks/reading material

Information and questions about Denford CNC Control electronics, general electrical issues, cables, diagrams, stepper motors, drives etc...

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CNC electronics textbooks/reading material

Post by james.miller » Sat 27 Oct , 2018 21:40 pm

Hi Guys,

I have a Novamill and Novaturn. I have been thinking about upgrading the electronics and maybe motors etc...
I have just starting training in electronics so only have a basic understanding at the moment. However I really want to learn.
Could anyone recommend reading material/textbooks/websites that can help me understand how everything about my CNC's machines work and how to repair and potentially upgrade them? I am currently having a broad electronics training but I'd like some more reading material/texts books specific to this subject.

I currently look in the control boxes and just wish I understood what everything is there for. Please some pointer and guidance would be great.

Thanks alot guys.


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Re: CNC electronics textbooks/reading material

Post by TDIPower » Sun 28 Oct , 2018 21:30 pm

Where abouts are you? I am about to start upgrading a Starturn 5 to Novaturn specs. If you are looking to replace the control on that rather than pulling it to bits we could maybe work something out.

Let me know

Cheers Pete

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