Analogue command value for KEB Combivert inverter

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Denford Easimill 3 originally with PNC3 controls, Digiplan CD20 drivers and KEB Combivert spindle drive

Controls to be replaced by Mach3, CS-Labs CSMIO-IP-M controller and Leadshine EM806 stepper drivers

Analogue command value for KEB Combivert inverter

Post by Easimiller » Thu 21 Jun , 2018 9:47 am

Hello Everybody,

I started a project fitting an old Easimill 3 with new controls. For now I'm concentrating on the control cabinet and would like to keep using the old Combivert 53 inverter.

The new controls (Mach3/ CSMIO/IP-M) come with an analogue 0-10V output, meant to control an inverter. I assumed I would be able to use this output once the 0V/GND of the controller and the inverter are connected.

However, in the forum it was suggested that this isn't possible (viewtopic.php?f=34&t=3236&p=11678&hilit ... ert#p11678).

Has this ever been tried or does anybody even have an actual manual for this inverter?

Kind regards,

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