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triton pro question

Posted: Mon 16 Apr , 2007 18:00 pm
by Rich
Thanks for the replies to my other posts , This time I wanted to ask should you have to home the machine in between setting the x and y offsetts on a triton pro miller ?

Posted: Tue 17 Apr , 2007 9:10 am
by Steve
Once the machine has been homed you should not have to home it again unless you have stalled the machine causing a loss of position.

You do not need to home out between setting offsets!

Posted: Tue 17 Apr , 2007 9:15 am
by Denford Admin
No - you only need to home the machine once.

Sometimes with stepper machines, you may stall an axis (eg, cutting a hard material too quickly) - in this case you need to re-home the axes, as the controls' step count has got out of sync with the actual position of the axis.

If you have a triton pro, then it uses closed loop servo drives, and will not loose position this way.