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Triton offset problems

Posted: Tue 18 Jun , 2019 12:35 pm
by petergkelley
I am resurrecting an old Triton Pro and using QuickCam 2D Design with VR Milling - all up-to-date including firmware.
I have just tried milling a basic facing of a 30x30x5 aluminium block and outside offset profile.
Work-piece datums set and checked.
The resultant mill has shifted the profiles -3.70mm in both x and y axis for some reason.
Any ideas?
Many thanks

Re: Triton offset problems

Posted: Tue 18 Jun , 2019 18:30 pm
by TDIPower
Did you zero the material by touching the cutter on say the left of the block and then clicking X zero (display changed to zeros in X)? if so you need to use the option where you when you do this it knows the cutter dia so will ofset zero to that point.
Im not 100% on using this function as I always set zero over the corner.