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Power Drawbar

Posted: Fri 30 Mar , 2018 14:18 pm
I have a 2002 Triton V2NS and wish to install a power drawbar.
I have inspected the machine and other posts on this forum and to me it looks like an excellent candidate for this option.
My question is are the parts still available and is there a price list available?
Thanks Matt

Re: Power Drawbar

Posted: Fri 30 Mar , 2018 19:49 pm
by TDIPower
Martin is your man, he will know if it can be done. I think Denford have quite a bit of stuff but you would be best getting the drawings, going through, working out what you need and calling with the list but ask if they could check you haven't missed anything.

I think there are some 'issues' where as they need to be careful in what they supply as some customers may turn round when something doesn't work on a modification/alteration and expect proper back up (the forum is not 'officially' supported as such it is literally the guys from there coming on in their own time for a busmans holiday). I have been looking at changing the control over on a lathe but it has never been supported so I have to work it all out, if I want bits I will have to order it knowing full well it will have no back up as I'm doing something 'different'.


Re: Power Drawbar

Posted: Sun 01 Apr , 2018 4:25 am
Hi Pete,
Thanks for all the good contact info.
Made my first test cuts with the machine this weekend and it went very well.
I was able to use an older win xp computer with a USB to serial cable without issues and Honestly I didn't think it would work...
I also did my first ever 3D machining using Fusion 360.
Lots to learn but I'm really enjoying it.
I'm very happy that I bought this machine as it is what I've been looking for in a mini mill..

Re: Power Drawbar

Posted: Sun 01 Apr , 2018 22:40 pm
by TDIPower
Fusion is really good, I take it you are using VR2, My lathe is DOS!! hence my desire to bring into more modern times. I had that running via a USB converter for a while but found it lagged a bit. If you aren't having issues like that that great. Most Motherboards in PCs still have onboard RS232 ports, not always on the back ports but a socket you can plug a header into for a rear mounted 9 way D type.