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Cannot communicate with controller

Posted: Wed 28 Jul , 2010 19:18 pm
by arossner
I've replaced the Race Controller card on a Triton at Northern Michigan University. It had communication and was able to home the machine and jog axis. We rebooted the machine to begin training and when it homed the z axis hung up. I powered down the CNC machine and the computer, rebooted again and have not been able to communicate with CNC machine since. The controller card that was newly installed on power up displayed an "8" and then a "." and then a "2". Now it doesn't show anything. On power up to the Triton, the board flashes a red led and then it goes blinking green on the board itself but nothing out of the LED display. It seems like it just lost communication and I cannot get the computer to talk with the CNC machine. Graham or Steve . . . please give me a call !!!!

I did get one error message from the software on the computer "The serial port has not been opened, or the hardware (or device driver) is not present."

Albert Rossner

Re: Cannot communicate with controller

Posted: Mon 02 Aug , 2010 9:16 am
by bradders

A new Baldor top card has been dispatched to you