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Triton Homing issues

Posted: Mon 30 Mar , 2009 19:46 pm
by boots
VR Milling v2

Customer has a problem when homing one of his Triton mills, the X axis moves to the right at a very low rate. Customer has checked the X home switch with a VOM, contacts are closed then open when the he pushes on the lever. He also checked the switch at the control card connections, readings are good. The switch makes a good clean "clicking" sound when operated by hand.
The X axis continues to move to the left, away from home, even when the home switch is manually pressed and released. The only way he has stopped the machine from crashing is to use the E-Stop button. and on a couple occasions the Z axis has started to move DOWN at home speed when the E-Stop was released.
When the X axis is manually moved to he home position, the Home switch appears to be about a 1/4" away (short) from the cam that bumps the switch.

The VR Milling program is on a main computer terminal, this machine along with a second Triton mill, have been working perfectly with this set-up for several years until last week. Homing problems are only with one of the machines.

What else needs to be checked?

Posted: Tue 31 Mar , 2009 9:15 am
by Denford Admin
I'm guessing the home input is faulty on the card.
Is it possible to proove by swapping top cards with another machine ?

You could also install workbench off the v2 CD, run that and check the Inputs go on and off on screen.

Posted: Fri 17 Apr , 2009 17:26 pm
by boots
Using the False Home and jogging the Y axis a couple of inches away from its home position, the X axis would home using the "X axis" home button, but when the Y axis was in its home position, the X axis would not home.

We traced the problem to a cracked wire in the X axis home switch wire lead. Apparently when the Y axis was at its home position the wire lead for the X home switch "opened" and the machine moved away from the X home switch waiting for the home switch contacts to close.

We replaced the wire leads from the X axis home switch to the wire terminal block. We had to remove the machine table to route the new wires through the saddle and the machine base, then feed the wires through the wire loom tube into the control panel area of the cabinet.

The machine is up and running.