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Triton Update with Easy Upgrader

Posted: Wed 15 Oct , 2008 17:33 pm
by boots
Triton V2 NS
S/N #u00241/1
Elect. #oc00263572
Late '03 or early '04 model
VR Milling v2.31 (Originally shipped with v2.22)

We are trying to update the NextStep control card (RS-232 only) with Easy Upgrader.
What do we need to do to update the CPLD and the bootloader?

Attached are screen shots of the current settings in Easy Upgrader and the warnings that pop-up.

Can we upgrade to VR Milling v5.24? Or should we stay with v2.31?

Thanks for the help.

Posted: Fri 17 Oct , 2008 8:55 am
by Denford Admin
Unfortunately you will have to organise an exchange board from the UK.
Maybe the full USB top board and V5 milling upgrade is the easiest solution in this case ?

Reasons to upgrade to v5: viewtopic.php?t=101
Machine and control upgrade guide: viewtopic.php?t=116