electrical power control box to machine

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Hardware/Software: I have an old Gerber system 48 converted to use modern electronics, & UCCNC software control, Design is using Vectric Aspire

I have just acquired an old Denford Triac pc which came with the black control box & desktop tutor but no computer. The idea is to use this CNC mainly for rotary work as the system 48 would require some major surgery to allow any sort of 4th axis.

Would like to join the forum to learn more so I can actually get this machine up & running, initially just to test it works but after that looking at what options there are to use as a rotary machine

Re: electrical power control box to machine

Post by martin.pearson » Mon 04 Feb , 2019 14:37 pm

Nothing on the Uniport I can see or read lol, you might have problems getting in touch as I believe the company that makes them has changed hands a couple of times. I do have another BOB on my other machine, the uniport was the first BOB I bought so is now a spare, I bought a second one when I upgraded the motion control to ethernet.
I can pull that one off the machine to test the denford if you think it might work, it has a higher voltage input so don't know if that would help. This is the one I have on the gerber system 48

https://www.cnc4you.co.uk/Breakout-Boar ... harge-Pump

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Re: electrical power control box to machine

Post by DavidB » Mon 04 Feb , 2019 15:19 pm

The data sheet is fairly lacking in detail about the outputs, page 5 gave me hope that the output levels could be changed to 12V but all else indicated to me step/dir at 0 and 5V. The levels would need to be confirmed with the supplier or the output chips identified. The included picture shows markings but not in enough detail to read. If outputs at 0 5V then it won't likely drive the Parker cards.

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