Spindle motor options

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Spindle motor options

Post by andyh » Thu 10 May , 2018 14:44 pm

I have had a house fire and my nearly finished Triac was affected by smoke damage mostly. one of the worst hit areas was the spindle motor as it is high up where the hot fumes are. It may possibly still work without either breaking it apart or trying it but theres always the chance if it does work it wont last long. The other issue I had was the Lynx drive for it had a fault that I had repaired but never got chance to try out before the fire and now the board may be smoke damaged beyond repair.

I have two questions I guess. Can i replace the Lynx board with a new sprint board and use the original motor if it turns out to be ok?

question 2 is what new spindle motor and drive options are out there? I will be mainly machining aluminium possible a little steel. I see people using Chinese 3ph ac motors but i believe these are under powered but good for high spindle speeds more suited to routing not milling? I haven't got enough knowledge of motors o know whats best for my needs, are there DC replacement options?

Thanks Andrew

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