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Occasional Weird spindle noise [video]

Posted: Mon 17 Jul , 2017 2:10 am
by alextaylor23
Hi all,

I am somewhat new here with my triac and everything seems to be going well except occasionally the spindle makes some weird noises. I uploaded a video to YouTube the first half is the noise which happens occasionally (maybe for 5 mins every hour) and the second half is how it sounds the rest of the time... Nice and quiet. Anybody have any ideas?



Re: Occasional Weird spindle noise [video]

Posted: Mon 17 Jul , 2017 21:22 pm
by TDIPower
Hi, not sure but to me that sounds like a shaft spinning in a bearing. so the bearing is slowing down then spinning up. Would be worth taking the top cover off and having a look.


Re: Occasional Weird spindle noise [video]

Posted: Mon 17 Jul , 2017 22:05 pm
by alextaylor23
So that was my initial thought also. I have taken off the cover and it is a pretty simple setup. From what I can see there are only bearings for the spindle, which feel tight with my hands, but that doesn't mean that still couldn't be going bad?

Re: Occasional Weird spindle noise [video]

Posted: Wed 20 Jun , 2018 21:07 pm
by oblio1612
hey not sure if its the same as mine but worth a look. if you take off the cover on the spindle housing on top of the motor were the tach-o is there was a little plastic cover over the shaft , presumably to keep dust out. mine keeps falling in and making a similar noise. sounds like a bearing gone bad. Had a moment my self thinking it had but it was just the plastic spinning in the hole. Might be the same hope it is.... good luck..

Re: Occasional Weird spindle noise [video]

Posted: Wed 16 Jan , 2019 23:30 pm
by alextaylor23
Thanks i will give it a look!

Re: Occasional Weird spindle noise [video]

Posted: Sat 14 Dec , 2019 17:15 pm
by Ridgeback

Just browsing through old posts and came upon yours.

I had to laugh to myself as I have had something very similar happen to me just recently. No it wasn't on my mill, but on my "scooter", a 300 cc Japanese model. Riding down the road, it sounded like a banshee and I panicked like hell. After much investigation it turned out much the same as has been described by your previous helper. It was the speedo drive gear retainer and not the front wheel bearing as I had feared. Mine too was simply a plastic retainer/housing which had dried out in time/use and resulted in the inner and outer surfaces of said plastic rotating at different speeds. Once an osculation gets going between inner and outer surfaces it creates an awful din. Either super glue the outer surface to the outer fixed body and lube the inner faces, or, as I did, I lubed BOTH inner and outer faces as this was easiest for me. I know what it is now and if the graphite grease fails me in the future, no worries as I have the solution.

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