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datum has x error

Posted: Mon 29 May , 2017 21:19 pm
by hexkey
Hello, i have a nearly new triac 1987 NEE pnc3 I think. Could not have more than 10 hrs on it. Had it working...moved it... and now upon startup when it asks press absdatum it moves a little bit and stops with error that says x override, table is all the way to right and all the way out. I have by hand moved the x axis to the left several inches and tried again. The table tries to move right for homing. I cannot recall the actual table position(right or left) when the absdatum button was pushed or its location when started/run before.(when everything worked fine). Its been a while. Im not so sure that when abs datum is pressed that the table should move right. The placement of the sensor appears that the table should be moving left. Also the table y movement is all the way out toward operator, so this seems to be backwards on the x axis according to the programming examples in the manual showing x and y zero. Any help would be appreciated. As good as condition its in, I would rather make it work as designed than change it. Im hoping something very simple will fix this.