Fanuc Alarms

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Fanuc Alarms

Post by moorland » Sat 30 Jan , 2016 15:31 pm

I have a Triac Fanuc Atc 1990 model.

Everthing works in a fashion but have an alarm saying 1006 wrong pocket,
I presume this is generated of the tool changer inputs.

Which manual shows the alarms ie 1006 wrong pocket.

I have most manuals but could do with the fanuc om programming manual.


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Hardware/Software: 2001 Cyclone with toolchanger and Fanuc 21i control
Serial number - H00913.
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1997 Triac VMCwith toolchanger and Fanuc O-M control
Serial number - 70826B.
Voltage 415V F.L.C 30A 50Hz 3Ph

Re: Fanuc Alarms

Post by jamesgates1000 » Mon 01 Feb , 2016 12:12 pm

Hi, I think the carousel just needs to be referenced. Make sure the carousel is on pocket one and input m27 on mdi.

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Re: Fanuc Alarms

Post by Martin » Mon 01 Feb , 2016 12:57 pm

Yes that is a Denford Alarm & not a Fanuc Alarm.

It is saying the carousel number does not match with the tool number in the spindle. You may need to use M27 twice depending on what tool it thinks it has after the first one.

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