Riser block

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Riser block

Post by mandor2013 » Sun 04 Oct , 2015 19:23 pm

I have a Triac PC made in 2002 with easy change tool holders. It is an excellent machine but I find lack of Z height a frequent problem. Has anyone fitted a riser block on one of these machines or could offer advice on fitting a riser block? Is there any diagrams available showing the fixing of the column to the base?

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Re: Riser block

Post by MAINVIST » Wed 16 Dec , 2015 1:41 am

hi sir!

i made a riser block last year on mine, i can send you cad drawing of it for free
i don't use my triac so many time, it made just a couple of week since i can run it on mach3

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Re: Riser block

Post by Triac whizz » Sat 09 Jan , 2016 12:33 pm

I did some years ago, sure I posted it on here. Search my posts.

without measuring, I think it was 50mm I added without having to remake cables, I can't remember how I lifted the column in place but it wasn't difficult.
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Re: Riser block

Post by jamesgates1000 » Fri 05 Feb , 2016 0:29 am

Here is the link to TriacWhizz's post...


Did the machine manage to find the tool carousel height on its own or did you have to tell it the offset?

Edit... Just had a look, obviously the he carousel is attached to the head so no calibration needed.

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Re: Riser block

Post by davidimurray » Mon 27 Mar , 2017 12:23 pm

Would anyone happen to have drawings for the riser block?



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