Triac PC rs232 connectivety issues

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Triac PC rs232 connectivety issues

Post by Bougsie » Wed 26 Nov , 2014 21:26 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm new to all this. I have a 1995 and 1998 Triac PC which are having the same issues. When connected to a PC, I get the same error message in FANUCMD.

Error 50
RS232 connection cannot be established. Check connection and settings.
RS232 removed
Keyboard removed
VGA removed
error 128

I have trawled the forum for threads regarding cables and software, but up to now have not found anything conclusive.

I am trying to sell the two units but would like to make sure they are in working order first.


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Re: Triac PC rs232 connectivety issues

Post by Taylon » Thu 11 Dec , 2014 22:03 pm


Have you resolved your connection issues? May be able help. Please PM me.

Kindest regards, John R.

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Re: Triac PC rs232 connectivety issues

Post by TDIPower » Thu 11 Dec , 2014 23:05 pm

This basically means there is something wrong with the communication from the program to the machine

Was it all working fine?
Have you done anything to the setup at all?
Has the PC been powered down for a long time and when it booted made you enter BIOS or do anything other than normal?
Are you running the program from the PC's hard disk or from floppies

If the software cant talk to the machine it drops out.

1st call would be to check the GO file look for a line something like
This tells the computer which com port the machine is connected to.
This is normally set in BIOS so if your PC has dropped this info due to long term loss of power you will need to re set it.
Another way is if you are running through windows you can check com port settings through device manager.

I spent a long time on this to find it was the TX/RX lines the wrong way. I had a genuine Lindy RS232 lead so was very puzzled, eventually got it sorted.


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