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Newly Acquired Triac 200 Help

Posted: Sun 28 Sep , 2014 22:35 pm
by tomf
Hi All,

I have recently acquired a Triac 200, however it is not in working condition. I believe in the past it has been running well on the Denford software, however I am inclined to convert the machine to Mach 3

The machine is 3 phase, however looking at the schematics that are available, it looks like the 3 phase line is only used to drive the SEM spindle motor and the coolant pump.

This is the spindle drive that is installed:


The machine has Parker DigiPlan BL30 Servo drives and Servo motors. There is also a rack mount system with various controllers - namely a Arcom Control System with a chip labelled 'c3 MINT 2.53d/STE JD10.b5' installed.


I was wondering if anyone has had any conversion success. Ideally I would like to maintain the servo set up, however looking at the BL30 manual it doesn't seem to be obvious how to connect step and direction, has anyone tried this ?


Has anyone had success setting up the tool changer in Mach also ?

If anyone has any information or could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)