Early versus late spindle motor?

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Early versus late spindle motor?

Post by neil_f » Tue 01 Apr , 2014 11:58 am

Can anyone tell me the difference between the early short/fat spindle motor (as used in the all-green Triacs) and the later tall thin motor? Is the later one a big improvement?

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Re: Early versus late spindle motor?

Post by angel-tech » Tue 01 Apr , 2014 14:49 pm

early green triacs with the wide head have a small three phase motor 1/2 hp i think, the newer white triacs have a 1hp dc motor.

Current trend is to fit a 3 phase 3hp water cooled high frequency spindle (200 - 400hz, 18000 - 24000 rpm) and gear it down 3:1 to get a more powerful and faster spindle.

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